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    Radio Shack Pro-405 used for streaming is picking up ambient noise and vibration

    Hi all! I have a Pro-405 that I am using to stream feeds to Radio Reference. It has been online for about nine years. I noticed the other day that the radio actually picks up ambient (room) noise if it is loud enough. Physically tapping on the scanner is easily heard on the audio feed I am...
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    RS Pro-405

    I'm new here. Should I be able to scan my local aircraft frequencies with the Pro-405? I'm in Fort Wayne IN (KFWA, Allen County, 46802). I don't understand from what I've read if today's aircraft communications can be heard on older scanners like the Pro-405. If they can be received, are there...
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    Radio Shack pro-405 ALL ch L-out

    Somehow I have managed to lockout all channels and don't know how to undo it. Can you help me?