pro 433

  1. lucky43113

    Pro 433 any advantage programing with pc?

    My scanner has a pc/if input but so far I have been putting in all the frequencies manually, which is easy. I was just curious if doing it by pc would make any difference.
  2. lucky43113

    Radioshck pro 433 am mode?

    I just bought the pro 433 works great but some of the frequencies i put in need to be on am is that possible with this scanner? They are mil com frequencies they programmed ok but not sure if they are on am or not.
  3. S

    Pro-433 intermittently stuck in Wired mode

    After programming this scanner and installing it in my car it suddenly got stuck in wired mode and wouldn't go out of it even after a reset; so I took it out and opened her up and disconnected the wires leading to the PC/IF jack. This seemed to solve the problem at first so I hooked it back up...
  4. B

    ltr for pro 433

    I have been trying to program LTRs for Trumbull and Mahoning counties in Ohio. So far have had no luck in picking anything up. I put in all the lcns in and have it searching for tags I also dont have tags for any of them. I trying to program in for Staley Comunications, Hi Tec Wireless...