pro 92

  1. O

    Pro-92 metal body

    I recently purchased a Pro-92 via internet auction. My reason for purchase is that I always held the belief that the Pro-92 was one of the few (if only?) hand-held which touted a metal body, rather than plastic. Imagine my frustration when I received the Pro-92, which possessed a plastic body...
  2. R

    New - Need Help w/ Pro 92

    Hi! I am completely new to scanners and radios, although I've always wanted to get involved, and I need some help. I've been trying all day to program this radio. Every time I think I'm inches from the finish, I mess up. I need step by step directions on how to program it. The whole trunking...
  3. scanthewaves

    Pro 164 Newb here need some help.

    Hi I'm a long time scanner enthusiast, I started out with a crystal set and worked my way up. My most recent scanner before the 164 was a Pro 92( which if anyone is interested I'm selling for P&R it's on fleaby now but I won't post the link since I don't think that's appropriate, just PM me if...
  4. I

    PRO-92 Problem

    Looking for help with my Radio Shack PRO-92. I turned it on two nights ago and the screen says *CLONE MODE* up to send, remove cable to exit. I cannot get out of this mode. 1) Left the battery pack out of the radio for one day - no help 2) Hit the reset button (near a/c adapter jack) with...