pro scan


    ProScan Band Scope window?

    I just downloaded the ProScan for my BCT15X and it appears the area in the screen to activate the band scope is hidden, anyone else have this problem? I tried changing resolutions on my display card but no difference. I have attached two pictures: 1) my screenshot 2) ProScan manual
  2. C

    Pro Scan w/ two Scanners. Record/Control/Stream

    Alright this might get a little confusing but, I want to know if it is possible to be able Record two scanners (15X & 996xt) on a single audio input using right and left. In addition to recording them i want to be able to run 2 instances of Pro Scan so that i can control each scanner using the...
  3. S

    bcd396xt program help-free scan or pro scan

    I just got my bcd396xt today and I'm having a hard time using free scan or pro scan to program it. I don't have anyone in the area to help me or pay to do it. Will someone help me through this step by step?