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    CA Road trip

    Very soon the wife and I will be taking a road trip from AZ (Phx Metro) to Santa Barbara area and will be taking our Pro-94 scanner with us. Is there any particular frequencies we should have programmed to monitor for interesting listening on the trip
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    Arlington County FD and PD on PRO 94

    I was heavily into scanning in my high school days, 20 years ago. I dusted off my PRO 94 this weekend and have managed to program in the local aviation channels fine. However, the local Public Safety systems have obviously evolved tremendously since I last listened. I can't seem to find...
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    pro- 94 help

    I recently bought a pro- 94 dual trunking scanner on e-bay.This is the first scanner i have had in years, way before trunking stuff started. I have found son freqs. on the net and seem to be working. I went to radioshack to buy a freq. book, but was told they no longer sell them. My question is...