1. F

    Snooper Pro User Manual??

    I'm trying to get a user manual or see if Snooper even has/offers a manual for their Professional version 3.3.4. They have a manual for the basic software, but I can't find a pro version & I have reached out to them several days ago & i have not heard back from them but before I purchased the...
  2. SpectralContent

    Motorola XPR 3300/3500 or 4500 series VHF

    Looking to see if anyone has any VHF models of the newer or slightly older XPR series radios for sale at a decent price. I am willing to coordinate shipping/pickup from around the USA/Canada. Please reach out if you have one you are thinking of selling! Thanks!
  3. A

    GP 340 on eBay

    I have recently been looking for an economical solution for my business communication and did a little searching on eBay. I came up with the GP 340 model from Hong Kong with a very affordable, and seemed like it would work for my needs and my pocket. Anyone have any input on the quality of the...