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    xts 5000 trunked programming scan list

    yes when I edited my scan list to add zone 8 channel 1 to scan it will shows it in the scan list after I write the radio but wont work but all the other I put in work for some reason it the only zone 8 and channel 1 also when I am on that zone 8 and channel 1 I can not even put the radio on scan...
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    Programming D04 Dilemma

    I have a Dash Mount Astro Spectra Analog Mid Power Programmed by someone else Service Mode says; R110103 A070309 CNTLHD31 D04JKF9PW5AN 494AAw0613 1MEG FLSHCD 000004-000004 I am using aftermarket cable and RIB. The cable is put together properly. This radio works in the car and can transmit...
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    Can't Program PSR-500 To Save My Life - Help

    So i'm about fed up trying to program this scanner, i bought it used on eBay and also purchased an FTDI programming cable on eBay. It said it is the same as the RS 20-546 cable, just technically not the real radioshack branded one. I'm wondering if my issues are stemming from that... So i would...
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    harford county programming help

    I have a uniden bcd996t I'm looking to get programmed mainly for harford county police and fire. Some baltimore . Is anyone local willing to clone scanners. I really don't want to send my scanner out to a company to get it programmed. But for 50 bucks I'd be happy to meet up with someone to...
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    mts200 flash port ready to program

    had these for years usually program from back serial of xp machine using one connector in serial computer and the motoropla clamp that goes onto the contacts at side of radio, using the cps 4 and I purchsed 6 a while back, the cable seems connected properly the port is showing when asked to read...
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    frequiency not accepting

    i am trying to program a frequency 173.39625 in my kenwood tk 2170 and after i type it in it changes. this is the first frequency i have seen with 8 numbers.. any help would be appreciated..
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    Hkn6155b turns on tx an xtl5000 + radio

    Hello friends! I have this problem, in a new XTL5000PLUS CONSOLETTE VERSION RADIO, trying to read/write just in the moment that the ribless usb interfase is connected te radio turns on the transmision, somebody have any idea about why does this ccurs? In the other hand i've tried to use the...