1. E


    new the forum and I just bought Motorola cps software and cable for xts portable I was wondering what would be a good laptop to start with running the software and programming don't want to spend much thanks
  2. N

    Saber / Astro-Saber

    Anyone able to help me program my Astro-Saber for listening only in the Southern California Area .. ? Also have a Motorola Saber II, which I know at this point only can be program with DOS on a old computer, if anyone can help me out and a reasonable deal, please let me know, Have 2 sabers...
  3. T

    Help with CIRN and FreeSCAN, please

    So my shiny new BCD996XT arrived today, and I can't wait to get going. I've downloaded FreeSCAN and created analog system of my choice for Placer County (SAR, PCSO East & West, Auburn PD). I can't enter it into the scanner right now, however, as I'm waiting on a serial port/USB adapter. What...
  4. spectr17

    Help with programming & ops on Uniden BCD396XT

    I'm still trying to sort this Uniden BCD396XT out, been using scanners since the crystal days in the 70s but these new ones are intense. I've read the manual and the clarified ops info here and it's still a mess for me. Right now I just need a couple tips on a few ops. 1. I scan San Bernardino...