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    Wouxun KG-UV9D USB cable compatibility

    Hello Everyone, I was looking for some information on google about the Wouxun KG-UV9D(Plus) and I found this forum. I saw that many of you guys look to be mastering technical skills. I am sure you will be able to help me on the following issue ! :) I just bought a KG-UV9D(Plus) transceiver and...
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    Kenwood Tk-2312 PL issues

    I'm fairly new to programming radios and im currently using a Kenwood Tk-2312 for work and I have acquired the KPG-134d software to program it. My issue is some of the departments I'm attempting to program into my radio has a higher QT/DQT encode and decode then the software will allow me to...
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    Pro-164: Pro 164 Won't Connect To Computer? Bad PC/IF Jack?

    So i've received a pro 164 that has definitely been used and slightly abused. It still works and i wouldn't suspect a bad PC/IF port if it weren't for the condition it is in...however the scanner still runs and operates great. Basically i bought one of the FTDI programming cables, (not the...
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    Programming assist offer

    We are here to help you program your kenwood handheld/mobile. You can mail us your handheld or Mobile radio and we will do the programming for you saving you time and energy. This will allow our team to check the radio for receive and transmit issues to make sure you are getting the best...
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    Programming IC-F4021

    I'm trying to program my IC-F4021 using CS-F3020/F5020 revision 2.3. IC-F3021 is the VHF counterpart of my F4021. When I hit Read or Write, I get the following error message. Do you know what's going on? Illegal Information. Check the following: - The COM port settings . - Cloning cable...