programming pro-106

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    Pro-106: How do I update to new CPU & DSP versions?

    My faithful old PRO-106 has suddenly gone bonkers with strange behaviors which I have been unable to fix, so now I want to try updating the CPU and DSP firmware, hoping these fixes will get my scanner back to normal. My manual (“Easier to Read Pro-651/652/106/197 - WS1040/1065 - PSR 500/600...
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    Win500: Can Anything Be Done To Make It Easier To Use By A Blind User?

    Hi, I happen to be totally blind but have used and enjoyed scanners for many years. I purchased a Pro-96 scanner back in 2003, then purchased the Win96 program so i could maintain what was in the scanner. The program worked rather well for me using the special software I need to access a...