project 25 phase ii

  1. E

    South Jersey Question

    Hi. First, excuse my ignorance...........Second, I used to be into scanning MANY years ago. My area, Atlantic County New Jersey (Atlantic County, New Jersey (NJ) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference) indicates they are now on a Project 25 Phase II system. I know I would need a...
  2. M

    Uniden BCD396XT

    Looking for help! I have a Uniden BCD396XT that I just dug out of the closet. I used to scan local PD's in MA with no problem. Just moved to Illinois and I am trying to get my local PD / FD. I am not a savvy user at all. It seams Carol Stream (and northwest suburbs) use STARCOM21. Can anyone...
  3. H

    RR Black Hawk County SARA - PRO668 - ISCAN Issue

    No more RACOM simulcast of Black Hawk County law enforcement. I'm trying to download the SARA Network System directly from RR to my RS Pro-668 but I'm not hearing anything in Black Hawk County. For two days I've tried several different settings but can't figure it out. This is my first time...
  4. L

    BCD436HP Multi-Site following

    Hello, I am a little confused with Project25 Phase II multi-site scanning on my Uniden BCD436HP. I follow a fire department on the P25 Phase II system (TxWARN) so I mostly just monitor their dispatch channel and nothing else. I understand that their Motorola radios can be connected to...
  5. fieldho

    APCO-25 Phase II scanner.

    Are there any scanner models that can monitor APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive, also known as Project 25 Phase II? I live in Mississippi and they are planning to move to Project 25 Phase II (MSWIN) by 2016. Does anyone make a scanner capable of decoding this system besides the GRE-800...