1. Irontail

    PSR-400 frequency step issue for CANADA

    I am totally new to the RR forums. I have exhausted my search on all these threads looking for my answers. I have an old PSR-400 that is brand new in the box and would like to use here in Canada. I tried programming in some local frequencies and the US frequency steps dont work for Canada...
  2. J

    A+ for XENO194 (Seller)

    Got a GRE PSR-400 from him, at a excellent price, with accessories. Item shipped quickly and very well packed. Would do business again without a worry. A+ all around!
  3. gmclam

    How do I correct this display

    The picture below shows the LCD display of a PSR-400 which has the text reversed. Sorry for the glare on the display. I programmed 2 of these scanners, new, with the same programming and they had no issues. After running for about a week, one of them has this reversal. I've read where...
  4. N

    PSR-400 discriminator tap?

    Does anyone have accurate information on where to obtain discriminator audio on a GRE PSR-400. I have seen information that it may be either TP3 or TP4, but haven't confirmed either. Specifically looking for anyone who has either done and confirmed this, or has confirmed on a schematic...