1. PSR-400 1000 channel trunk-tracking scanner

    PSR-400 1000 channel trunk-tracking scanner

    Barely used PSR-400. Includes AC power adapter. No box, no antenna. No manual provided but one is available via PDF. Price includes shipping via USPS to USA. Payment via Paypal, unless local and will pick up.
  2. Irontail

    PSR-400 frequency step issue for CANADA

    I am totally new to the RR forums. I have exhausted my search on all these threads looking for my answers. I have an old PSR-400 that is brand new in the box and would like to use here in Canada. I tried programming in some local frequencies and the US frequency steps dont work for Canada...
  3. J

    A+ for XENO194 (Seller)

    Got a GRE PSR-400 from him, at a excellent price, with accessories. Item shipped quickly and very well packed. Would do business again without a worry. A+ all around!
  4. gmclam

    How do I correct this display

    The picture below shows the LCD display of a PSR-400 which has the text reversed. Sorry for the glare on the display. I programmed 2 of these scanners, new, with the same programming and they had no issues. After running for about a week, one of them has this reversal. I've read where...
  5. N

    PSR-400 discriminator tap?

    Does anyone have accurate information on where to obtain discriminator audio on a GRE PSR-400. I have seen information that it may be either TP3 or TP4, but haven't confirmed either. Specifically looking for anyone who has either done and confirmed this, or has confirmed on a schematic...