1. SlipNutz15

    PSR-410 and Metadata

    I have a GRE PSR-410 scanner for my one feed and I have the USB cable plugged in to it and have my software set for sending Metadata and it shows channels on the ProScan software but it does not appear to be sending the Metadata to RR servers. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. GTR8000

    PSR-310/PSR-410 CPU Firmware U1.4 Released

    Firmware U1.4 was released today for the PSR-310 and PSR-410. Changes are as follows (note that 1.2 and 1.3 were never released publicly): U1.1 - Corrects bug found on Attenuator feature U1.2 - Corrects bug related to Attenuator feature U1.3 - Corrects band plan for marine channels U1.4 - Adds...
  3. zl2taw

    ARC 310 AM mode

    Everytime I upload to the PSR-410, the freqs enter correctly, but the mode goes to AM I have changed the mode under expert settings to auto but I still have this issue Is there something I am missing here thats so basic ? thanks
  4. GTR8000

    Attn: 310 and 410 users

    If you get the "CHECKSUM FAILURE" error while uploading data to either the 310 or 410, forcing a full reset before it will finally take the new programming, please post in this thread. I've had the error happen to me at anywhere between 0% and 98% of the uploading progress, it seems quite...
  5. oregontreehugger

    First Impressions: GRE PSR-310

    Just wanted to share my first impressions of the GRECOM PSR-310 handheld scanner. As a longtime Uniden owner, it took a little convincing to give a GRE product a try. Years ago I had a Pro-60 handheld, and more recently a Pro-2054 desktop model. My main concern was the potential for overloading...
  6. V

    Help with GRE PSR-410 and Canadian Band Plan

    Hi Guys, I have looked through all the menus and the manual and cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the band plan to Canada? I did a search here and found something on Flex Steps but how do I enable this? I know how to do this in a Uniden Scanner but cant figure it out for this...
  7. T

    Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual

    Just finished (mostly) an Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual. Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual
  8. K3DRQ

    How do I set up SAME (PSR-310)?

    Hi, Very much enjoying my new PSR-310, which I bought along with the cable and Butel's software. I was wondering how to enable SAME though; I entered the SAME code for my county into the software, and it is listed properly in the scanner. I wanted to know if you need PriWX turned on for SAME...
  9. 737mech

    GRE PSR-310 V-Folders?

    Does the 310 have V-folders?
  10. Oldglide

    My PSR-310 saga continues

    OK so I thought I would give it another chance. First off, the back-light for the display worked for only 5 minutes, no more.:mad: 2nd: I don't remember who mentioned it in my "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" post but yes, If you press "att" on a channel it doesn't stay.:confused:It stays on my...
  11. J

    PSR-310 some voice channels missing

    My PSR-310 seems to receive only half the available voice channels on a particular TSYS. It receives all traffic but half the time it shows only the group ID and no frequency or audio. I have a PRO-95 programmed only with the VCs for the same TSYS and the PRO-95 produces the audio I cannot...
  12. Oldglide

    GRE PSR-310, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good: The display is killer. The best I've ever seen on a scanner. Object memory OK. Not that much better but better than banks and channels. More software to buy The Bad: Performance not that good. Side by side with my 300 with the same stock antenna, 300 gets 3 hits for every one on the...
  13. wrhenker

    310 Data transfer issue

    Just wondering... Am I the only one who has trouble transferring data from Win500 to the PSR-310? It never seems to work on the first try. The syncing continues according to the Win500 program, but from anywhere between 0-99% complete on the first try, the radio resets. It always works on the...
  14. Northerner71

    Question about the GRE PSR 310

    I want to know if the new 310 can dump control channel info via the usb and if it can, can it do both digital and analogue? I know you can not hear digital with the 310 but I want to buy it if let say I can use it for Trunk88 and see both digital/analogue. Thanx for the help.
  15. shaft

    New PSR 310/410

    GRE will unveil two new scanners at Hamvention next month, the PSR-310 and PSR-410. Discuss away...