ptt id

  1. K

    TK-7180H Hickup

    Well I'm trying to get either FleetSync or MDC1200 working in this radio. The problem I'm facing is not being able to get the PTT ID to work on either BOT or EOT. As soon as I click the button to write to the radio, I get an error stating "An error has been detected in the following entry...
  2. S

    PTT ID question

    I'm looking to purchase a mobile radio to put in my truck for response to fire dept calls. Anyways, I'm looking at the TK-790 and the TK-7180. One of the requirements is that I have PTT ID. I understand a fair amount about radios, but am no expert. From my understanding, you have to have a...
  3. R

    ANI Code

    Hello All, I have a Baofeng UV-82L. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the ANI code to display on receiving radios. Does the UV-82L have the ability to always transmit the ANI code and have it displayed on a receiving radio that is capable of displaying the ANI code? I'm...
  4. KK4LQX

    Ptt id

    Hello All, My local EMS uses PTT IDs to allow them to Ident a unit while transmitting. I have my ASTRO Spectra set up to scan all of there frequencies and can hear them all 100%, however I do not see any form of ID number on my display when they are transmitting. I know that you have to...
  5. KK4LQX

    Motorola ASTRO Spectra PTT ID

    Hello All, I know what when using HAM bands you must identify yourself every 10 minutes. Well that got me thinking about using the PTT ID feature to do this. Weather or not this meets the requirement i'm not sure. What I need to know is how to program my call sign in so that when I key up my...
  6. N

    Setting the PTT ID on GM339

    HI all. Im an Electrician at a mine in the Bowen Basin and have been asked to look after the radios on out equipment while our tech is away. Im all good with the programming of channels and that using Professional radio GP300/GM300 Series CPS, But have no idea about how to set the plant number...