public transportation

  1. MARadioFanatic

    STRA Frequency List

    Just informing all that may live in the Fall River or New Bedford area with a scanner: this thread has all of the known, working SRTA Bus frequencies: 452.7250 = New Bedford Bus/Paratransit (Output) 457.7250 = New Bedford Bus/Paratransit (Input) 464.2625 & 485.6625 = Fall River Bus/Paratransit...
  2. gonzalu

    NYC Transit Authority

    Am I doing something wrong? Anyway, I had my BCD996XT set to SCAN the Talkgroups in the NYC Transit Authority system I programmed straight from RR db. I decided to switch it over to SEARCH and see what I picked up. I am picking up a lot of TG IDs not in the db. Did I do something wrong and am...
  3. B

    CTA BLUE Line monitoring

    I was wondering if it is possible to set a live audio feed for the Chicago Transit Authority transit like the Blue line control to listen in if there are delays or express trains???