1. J

    Realtime Los Angeles 911 Call Log

    I've been looking for something like this for a while, and since IPN seems to be updated at will, I decided to bust out my rusty software developer skills and create an automated LAFD call console of my own. https://cad.jfm.so/ Combines many sources of already accessible data, including CHP...
  2. P

    Pulsepoint coverage in NC

    Hello all! I just realized no one's posted about PulsePoint on this forum and it may be common knowledge, but it is slowly being rolled out in agencies across the state. Wake county recently implemented it a few months ago and it is a game-changer! If you don't know what pulse point is, it is...
  3. S

    Howard County F&R now on pulsepoint

    Just saw Howard County is on Pulsepoint now. the first MD fire dept to come online with the app. PulsePoint WebApp
  4. redhelmet13

    PLano FD CAD now on Pulsepoint

    Have not been looking at pulsepint,org for some time, just noticed Plano FD is now feeding CAD there. Your welcome...
  5. S

    Pulsepoint live in Lincoln

    Pulsepoint is live in Lincoln... just added a few days ago. shows all CAD calls
  6. P

    Portland Fire CAD calls on PulsePoint

    Just noticed that PFB was recently added to PulsePoint and a three hour sampling indicates that all types of calls are appearing on the app. (Only certain types do where I reside) Also noticed that calls involving PDX and AMR-only responses also shown. City calls only, not Gresham, Dist 14, or...
  7. NMPhillieFan

    Albuquerque Fire - CAD

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed this or not, but AFD now provides some of their CAD data online PulsePoint WebApp While most calls are shown, they do not show the overdose, psychiatric emergencies or assaults.... This is also available via the pulsepoint app in the Apple App Store and likely...
  8. S


    Does anybody have any information as to why Pulsepoint is down for northcomm?
  9. fireemt55

    PulsePoint App Live for Poudre Fire Authority in Fort Collins

    Originally announced last year (http://poudre-fire.org/home/showdocument?id=2707) this app has gone live for Poudre Fire Authority in Fort Collins. New phone app connects CPR responders to those in need Uses the Larimer County Fire/EMS feed for the live radio option in the app.
  10. kearthfan101

    LA City Fire on Pulsepoint

    Just a quick note to all of you, LAFD is officially live on the Pulsepoint app! (Available for Apple mobile devices and Android). LAFD now joins LA County Fire, Beverly Hills FD, and Long Beach FD in bringing CPR notifications to thousands (maybe millions) of LA County civilians who can very...
  11. F

    pulsepoint app.

    This little app is pretty nifty, it is coordinated through area dispatch centers and when somebody calls 911 for choking or cardiac arrest event it sends out an alert to anybody who is cpr trained (and signed up) so it lessens the time from sudden cardiac arrest to time of compressions. Another...
  12. S

    Newport Beach Fire/OCFA on PulsePoint

    I down loaded the app pulse point. Added in Newport Beach as my area and waited. Now I can see all the medical in real time along with the assigned units. It kind do like CHP instant auto cad with out the voice in an app.. I know there going to be a big discussion about good Samaritans...
  13. F

    New APP Pulsepoint for fire calls

    Fargo Fire and Moorhead Fire-- also works for many other cities. The APP gives fire calls at exactly the same time they are paged out in our city. Download the free APP and get notifications- not radio calls of all fire calls. Works in many cities like sioux falls and Las Vegas it's Free
  14. rckydenver


    A neighbor of mine was telling me of a App called PulsePoint that is available for the Smart Phone (not sure on Apple). Currently Arvada Fire is on this app, there are others city's from other States that use it. You have check boxes on what you want to receive notification on, also on...
  15. L

    Emergency Fire CAD App

    I found an interesting app for IOS/Android systems. It is called Pulsepoint... it is really to help notify laypeople of a need for CPR in their immediate area, but I found that LACoFD's CAD is linked to it, and when you select LACoFD as the dispatch center you are interested in, and activate...
  16. W8RMH

    Columbus Fire CAD To Your Phone

    Get the Columbus Fire Dispatch CAD on your cell phone for free. See dispatches even before they go out over the radio. Get Dispatch Alerts as well and select which type of runs to receive alerts on. There are other cities included as well, mostly in California. I would expect more to come...