1. I

    Need Kenwood cable for walkie talkie headset

    Hi, I'm Danny (W5PPG) from Pensacola, FL and am new to the forum. I have been building communication helmets for powered paragliding for a few years. Mostly I build for FRS/GMRS radios, but sometimes I get requests for a set to be used with ham radios. I am trying to find a cable that I can...
  2. B

    HELP programming a PUXING PX-325

    Good Afternoon, I finally received my Puxing PX-325 radio in the mail today and I have read over and over the manual but I am having trouble programming it. The main reason I bought the unit is to use as a scanner not as a radio. I guess the good price is down fall if you can even program...
  3. duchee

    wouxun vs Puxing

    i have done alot of research about these to radios and brands. 777 and WOUXUN KG-UVD1P. which one is better? which one will hold up longer? which one do you like better? thanks everyone. i thinking about getting the Wouxun cuz its dual band but i dont know enough about it. puxing is great i...
  4. duchee

    duluth,mn Ham frequencies

    wheres the best place to find used ham frequencys and repeaters for my area?? i have found misc sites but there not the best and kinda suck. thanks!