qc-ii alert tones

  1. J

    Quick call II interrupting dispatcher

    Hey all, my fire dept uses QCII for paging and I have a 1250 model radio. I can program the channels to alert for just what I want, but the alert tone will keep on alerting over the dispatcher. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX Tone Signaling Alert Tones

    Hello! Working on some APX 8000 XE radios... and am being tasked with added Call Alerts with QC-II and a Tone Set. I'm also added a tone-set onto the call alert as the automatic timeout is set to 2 minutes. However, I don't know which Alert Tone is which! Does anyone know what type of sounds...
  3. Lakes_Region_Comms

    XTS2500 Quick Call Paging

    Hi Everybody! I have a xts-2500 that I would like to set up for QC-II Paging, I have set everything (I believe) properly, and it still won't kick the radio to alert or unmute. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank You In Advance!
  4. K

    Open Scanned Channel on Tone Reveive

    So this is what I am looking to do... There are 2 widely used freqs that I scan but get tired of having to use nuisance delete to kill the trivial chatter, I only want to hear the dispatch with QC-II tones. I have the tone settings that dispatch uses when giving out the call, how do I set...