1. pcunite

    Ultra Portable HF APRS SMS kit for the back country

    I'm looking to acquire or somehow build an ultra portable HF sms text messaging radio for when I'm out in the back country. I only need to transmit to the nearest iGate to send the APRS SMS text message. The radio will be stowed away in a backpack and only used to check-in back home once a day...
  2. Xiegu G1M QRP 5W SSB CW 0.5-30MHz HF Transceiver Shortwave Receiver

    Xiegu G1M QRP 5W SSB CW 0.5-30MHz HF Transceiver Shortwave Receiver

    MINT IN BOX Shipping $19.95 Paypal or PO Money Order
  3. W

    Adventures with CW

    Good day fellow hams and those interested in the hobby. Mike - W9ODX here from the Central Indiana area. About three months ago I decided that I wanted to venture out from the world of VHF/UHF repeaters and explore the world of HF (since I am a new upgrade to the General class license). There...
  4. K4APR

    QRP Anyone?

    This weekend I did a short camping trip and decided to try out my updated QRP set up. It was the TN QSO party, so there was plenty of band activity to listen to (and TRY to work). Here is my setup: - Yaesu FT-817ND - QRPKits.com QRP Tuner (10W or less) - RadioShack SWR/Power Meter (To check...
  5. BarcodeNut

    Rock Hill 2009 Program Meetings

    If anyone is interested in attending the YCARS 2009 Program meetings, here is the schedule for the next four months.: January: How to perform the Hamfest function of "Talk-In", especially as it pertains to Rock Hill; February: Tuna Can QRP Kits. (http://www.qrpme.com/) We will be building QRP...