1. S

    Unitrunker Release 31

    Release 31 supports multiple VCOs and native USB support for the AirSpy. Supporting multiple VCOs required separating VCO specific settings from broader receiver settings. For SDRs, each VCO's frequency must fit inside the SDR's usable bandwidth. Other enhancements include the Hide feature...
  2. U

    Regular TV antenna has my SDR software, It works?

    Hello, I am interest in listening to communications but I would like to have a new more powerful antenna. I think a buy this antenna but you think that this will work if I plug this antenna has my USB? (Digiwave Digital TV Antenna (ANT2084) : Antennae - Future Shop) & I could change the...
  3. RonnieUSA

    What Do You Use Your R820T SDR For?

    What all do You use Your SDR for? I tried the Plane tracking software, and couldn't seem to get it to work right. I have read the wiki on this, but it seem not to help any, most thing are out of date or links don't work.
  4. C

    SDR# (rtl2832) signal noise calibrating to peak signal.

    So, I'm trying to calibrate my NooElec RTL-SDR RTL2832U & R820T for SDSharp, using the stock antenna, which actually gets pretty darned good reception. Problem is, upon calibrating my signal, so it sits center of the peak, I get this high pitch noise. If I readjust the signal so it sits a bit...