1. A

    Multi-purpose Racing scanner for Indy 500

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and new to racing scanners and was hoping someone could help me find the best scanner for my needs. I go with family to the Indy 500 once a year with my wife. It's an awesome time but that's the only race spectating I do all year. I'm looking for a good scanner that...
  2. M

    AMGEN 2013 Bike Race - Tour of California May 12-19, 2013

    Amgen Tour of California Host Cities for 2013 race. For the First Time Ever, Race will Travel from South to North, Starting in Escondido, California. http://www.amgentourofcalifornia.com Amgen Tour of California - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AmgenTourofCalifornia AmgenTourofCali -...
  3. K

    America's Cup Yacht Race frequencies?

    Anyone know of any special frequencies, especially those used by the boats themselves (other than the obvious marine vhf)?
  4. Bote

    SuperBoat races in Key West

    My Southernmost Feed is jumping this week and especially right now with the SuperBoat races around Key West. You're welcome to listen in, although the marine channels are only one of the services monitored, so there will be police, fire, and occasional military traffic from the Boca Chica Naval...
  5. C

    BC346XT and NASCAR

    Hi Folks, For Christmas my wife purchased 2 scanners, 1-Uniden SC230 and 1-Uniden BC346XT for us to use when we travel to Las Vegas for the race(s). The SC230 is for her and she thought I would enjoy the BC for other things than just racing with all the options it has. We have never owned...
  6. D

    New member - Bathurstscan.com Australia

    hey all, Im new to this website, although not new to radio scanning.. I own the website Welcome | BathurstScan.com which is a town called Bathurst in NSW Australia, most people would know it for the Bathurst 1000 race held each year in October. I also have a live stream which is hosted...
  7. w2lie

    Red Bull Air Race this weekend

    Does anyone know if the pilots or ground use any set frequencies for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend in Lower NYC NJ Area? I would assume they would use the common Aviation talk freqs (123.45 etc) but I am unsure.. I am asking because I would like to setup the traffic on my "Special" live...