1. Trident Scanner / Radar Unit - Vintage from the 90's

    Trident Scanner / Radar Unit - Vintage from the 90's

    Looking to purchase a Trident / Scanner Radar Detector...Please contact me if you have one.. Thanks, Rich
  2. Crazy Yes - Want to buy Trident Scanner/CB/Radar Detector

    Crazy Yes - Want to buy Trident Scanner/CB/Radar Detector

    Hello All, Looking to purchase and old vintage Trident Scanner/CB/Radar Detector. These came out in the 90's. I know they don't work well...but its just got monumental value to me personally.
  3. B

    New Valentine V1 Gen2 Radar Detector

    After 15 years of owning the same V1, today I order there Gen2. :) https://www.valentine1.com/v1-detectors/
  4. KI4VBR

    Radar (traffic) Bands In Use In Tampa Bay Area

    I am working on setting up a new Uniden R3 radar detector. I am wondering if anyone has a handle on what microwave bands are being used and which bands are not in use in Pinellas & Hillsborough. I have some granular control over each band, including sensitivity and bandwidth. i would like to...
  5. KJ4TDM

    "Space Fence"?

    Does anyone still monitor the any of the space radars? I found some info online today about how to listen to them but its old info, dont now if its still good.
  6. G

    Virtual radar locations

    Hello to all; i wanted to know if some US sites are available to track planes; I actually know a very good site in France, where users can contribute all over the world; Most locations in France or in Europe; i can give you some siites's URL to have a look; The advantage of this site is the...
  7. cfr301

    Weather Radar OHIO

    One of our members suggested I post a thread in the Ohio section about the Radar I have available on my website. When conditions Warrant I have 24/7 GRlevel 3 (X) Doppler Radar available using the Wilmington Ohio KILN radar site. Its there for anyone to use to check incoming storm fronts the...