radio code

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    Seattle Police Department Radio Code List Jan 2015

    I wanted an updated radio code list for SPD as some radio traffic contains short hand I couldn't decode. MIR stands for Miscellaneous Incident Report Example: Parking Enforcement Officer says, "Ida Nora 470" and Dispatch responds, "Received.". Ida == Citation Issued Nora == Non-Criminal...
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    ISP "Ida" Codes

    Hey everyone; I'm looking for a list of ISP Ida (Incident) Codes. We hear them all the time, such as Ida 9004, which I have come to figure out is assist other agency. Does anyone have a list of these, or can we compile a list?
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    EDACS 500m Bricked :/

    HELP! I need a copy of the KG47407 radio code for my m/a-com edacs 500m, or any other firmware that will work with it. I tried reloading the copy I made of it and it was corrupted, so now the radio is a brick until I can find a good copy of the radio code (flash code). I have all the software...