radio communications plan

  1. hanklane

    New England 25-City Federal Radio System

    I recently transcribed a recorded rollcall on 168.1125 nbfm (NAC68F) of the New England Federal 25-City Comm Center System. The rollcall was conducted by "FBI Boston Central". The agencies participating in the rollcall are listed below. Each numbered (my numbers) agency is listed as it was...
  2. C

    Emergency Communications system

    I am working as a new emergency services coordinator for my student co-op. We have about 20 houses spread about 1.5 miles apart between the furthest two houses in an urban area. We need to find an emergency radio set-up that doesn't require members to get licenses and doesn't cost a bundle. What...
  3. S


    any rumblings of changes to the new jersey state forest fire service radio plan ?. the reason i ask, is that there is an article in 1st responder new's that mention's this. nothing concrete. say's to become effective in june.