radio frequencies

  1. radioguy224

    school transportation radio frequencies

    the following list below i am looking for the school transportation frequencies so i can update the database looking for the frequencies and pl and DPL and NAC and DMR tones NEWTOWN BRIDGEWATER MONROE WASHINGTION WOODBURY kent
  2. C

    Carnival Dream Frequencies

    I will be going on the Carnival Dream on the July 16, 2017 cruise. I will be purchasing a baofeng radio before the cruise. A. What baofeng radio will I need to purchase to use on the cruise ship? Which radio has the best use for the cruise? B. What frequencies will I need to program into the...
  3. S

    Anyone archive radio files from Seminole County fl

    I trying to find out if anyone on here records radio signals for the Oviedo and Sanford area? I am looking for any Police and Fire and Rescue Radio files for this date: December 7th, 2011 between the hours 13:00 to 24:00 hours. Please Advise, Shelly
  4. L

    Vertex VX6000 Programming Question

    Hello i have been to this site a couple of times but never register. I have a question ,I have a Vertex VX6000 and is the SVC-49 the appropriate software to program frequencies . I have the software installed in my computer but it work program . I fell like it tunes the radio only. Thank You.
  5. W

    Oregon Airshow 2011 Radio Frequencies?

    Does anyone know what radio frequencies are going to be used at the Oregon Airshow tomorrow (through sunday)?
  6. J

    Pro 106 Setting/Setting

    I pick up my from ebay.I noticed there were no serial # on the back of the scanner.The seller told me that it was the same way when he got it.Anyway was going to check it out,so I went over a friend of mine who got his from radio shack.My friend 106 for example ,showed 138 to 174 radio...
  7. gasserpe

    Need Okeechobee Walmart radio frequencioes

    I have many scanners, and I would like to know if any one has our Okeechobee, FL Walmart frequencies with PL tones. Thank you., Alex