radio id's

  1. MotorolaAPX24

    Safe-T System Known Radio IDs List Collaboration

    I am working on combining all the little bits and pieces of known P25 Safe-T radio IDs out there into one master spreadsheet. Indiana Safe-T Statewide P25 Radio IDs List The goal is for the community to contribute any and all IDs that they know or saw into one big easy to...
  2. BabaDude77

    Radio IDs Whistler 1040

    Looking to see if there is a way to change Radio IDs from a number to text using ARC500 software on my WS 1040. I was able to change settings to see the Radio ID number or alias now wondering how to change the number to a text tag.
  3. D

    Fulton County P25 radio IDs

    Just a question, but has anyone been able to find some sort of rhyme or reason to the Radio IDs in FCPS. From what I have found is that dispatch usually follows a short string of numbers such as for SFPD dispatch is 5106, and FCFC Tac 2 is 5111. The same sort of goes for the unit's radios, like...
  4. R

    Polk County SO Racom Radio ID's list

    I have been making a spreadsheet of radio id's on the Polk County Sheriff Racom system. I have id's for the Sheriff's office, PD's and FD's. I am not sure how I would post the list so that it could be updated but at this point I have over 500 id's logged. If anyone is interested please let me know.
  5. R

    PSR-800 lockout Radio IDs so they can't be heard on a scanlist

    I have setup a TRS with a bunch of radio ids locked out and skipped so that I don't have to hear traffic from them. But all this seems to do is not display the alpha tag I have attached to the RID's that are locked out and skipped. The reason I want to do this is the city I want to listen to's...
  6. kkirkpatrick

    Utah/UCAN Radio ID's

    I apologize if this has already been posted and or asked but I cannot find anything in the forums about what I am asking: Does anyone have any information for Utah Radio ID numbers for the Pro-106 iScan? I can bring them up and view them on my radio but have no previous info for them. Any...
  7. Northerner71

    PSR 500 Radio ID's

    Is there any way to rename the radio ID's that show up on the scanner? I would like to change the radio ID number to what it actually is, for example a dispatch radio. They seem to always use the same four radio ID's so instead of seeing radio ID 10970 I would like it to show Radio ID...