radio locked

  1. K2NEC


    I have an XTS2500 M3 that displays "RADIO LOCKED" when powered on. I know this means the previous user had a password but if I force a good codeplug into the radio this should fix that right? Will I be able to read from the radio?
  2. K

    HT1250 Radio Locked Issue

    I have had this VHF 1250 for nearly 4 years and using it as my personal Radio during Patrol. With me in Law Enforcement I wanted the radio to be locked when turned on.. It would ask ENTER PASSWORD. I would enter my assigned password and then I would be locked in. I had it Password protected at...
  3. K

    Issue with HT1250 Locked

    Hello I have had my VHF HT1250 for about 4 years.. Since I'm in Law Enforcement I always had it password protected to that if lost or stolen no one could accidently transmit. Now the password has always been the same.. I actually left it at a friends and the radio was only left for about 1...