radio shack pro 106

  1. D

    Can someone help ID this Antenna

    Found my old scanner antenna I had on my 1992 Z28 Camaro. I Had it mounted on a mag mount on the back lid and it worked great and I had it hooked up to my old BC235XL programmed with 42.’s, 150.’s and San Diego 800.’s. This was back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I cleaned my storage shed and...
  2. B

    Listening to the Snow plows?

    I would like to listen to the snow plow people on my RadioShack PRO106 but i can seem to find any Freq. i have the scanner programming software and know how to upload to my scanner, but i can seem to find anything on Raytown Missouri, i have been listening to Lees-summit so i figured i would try...
  3. D

    Pro-106 will no longer scan Trunking Talkgroups. Please Help!

    I've had my RS Pro-106 for about 8 months and love it. I used WIN 500 to program it and it has worked like a charm since. About 2 days ago my scanner quit picking up all Indiana Motorola 800 MHz. traffic. I'm not sure if I locked out the talkgroup or what, but no matter what I try I cannot...
  4. ledscan89

    Issues tracking Troop E CSP

    I have both a Uniden Bearcat 996T and a RadioShack Pro 106. Both are digital, and in the past, I had no issues tracking any of the CSP sites. A few months ago, I noticed I'm missing transmissions, especially on Troop E's dispatch channel, (CH 37). This mostly happens after someone talks and the...