radioshack pro-107

  1. lorddavid25

    Pro-107 iSCAN Download Available

    Good Day, If anyone is in need of the iSCAN Software it can be easily download. I myself needed the free software when my disc was scratched and I couldn't load it on a new PC. Ive posted it on my server with a short disclaimer. So Here it is and I hope this helps the people who need it. I...
  2. D

    Pro-107 iScan Question

    I bought the Radioshack Pro 107 -iScan off of Craigs List. It's fine and I got a great deal on it. The Problem is I didnt get the cord or software CD. I just received the software (ordered it from Radioshack) and loaded it - but cant do a thing without the cable I'm guessing. Radioshack stopped...