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    Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

    Does anyone know what frequencies/channels are currently used by the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad out of Alamosa (La Veta Pass route)? I see old references to AAR 2, 8, 45 and 54 but these are likely out of date and they may have even switched to digital or other frequencies. Thanks.
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    The Quebec-Gatineau Railway frequencies

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to know Québec-Gatineau Railway frequencies, I'm giving it to you. Here it is. 161.265 160.605 163.980 160.815 161.265
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    Rail Monitoring around Richmond

    Asking for a railfanning friend here in CHO, he says around Richmond when monitoring CSX, sometimes it seems like when the train talks to disp they will come back on different freqs. I'm wondering (since I don't know) if he is just hearing 2 different freqs as used by road/dispatch or if, as he...