1. kudzu_kid

    Going Limp!

    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, I recent bought a duck for RR band scanning when mobile (a Smiley 5/8 duck for RR). Problem is, I needed a 90° elbow to use with my Uniden SDS200 - the BNC on that is horizontal (more or less). The elbow I got (NOT from Smiley) is rather loose at...
  2. kudzu_kid

    Railfanning antenna vs stock

    Hi All! So I recently purchased a SDS200. Still learning how to program the thing beyond just the database for my area. It's a different animal. Come a long way from banks and channels of 30 years ago. But I do know how to quickly narrow it down to scanning just rail freqs when I want to...
  3. WX9RLT

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening What are the frequencies the local railroads use for the Rockford area? I thought they were listed in the RR database, but I can't seem to locate it now.
  4. Jonathan7

    Railroad Base Antenna Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I'm not seeing a ton of options out there for base antennas that are tuned for the railroad band. So far I've seen only the "TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna" and the "RRBASE - Firestik RailRoad Base Station Antenna Kit". I'm looking for some feedback on these antennas...
  5. R

    Baofeng UV-5R (Begginer Alert)

    Sorry for writing an essay, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible to answer my questions. I just recently received a UV-5R Ham Radio. No worries, I have transmitting permit, but transmitting isn't what I'm here for. I've been having trouble with the thing for a while, I've...
  6. T

    BCDx36HP: Any word on the status of NXDN support?

    NXDN? I have a 536 and I am looking to get a hand held to go with it. Much as I want to get the 436, it is really beginning to look to me like Uniden has abandoned NXDN altogether. Like they really just don't care. I may have to go with the Whistler. I don't want to, but Uniden is leaving...
  7. R

    Kenwood TH-K20A and Yaesu FT-270R for Railroads

    Hello everyone. I am a railfan from Michigan. I have a cheap Baifeng with a Diamond SRJ77CA antenna and I'm just not impressed. From reading many forums, I find it true that bad radio + good antenna still = bad radio I am hearing amazing rave ratings of the Kenwood TH-K20A and the Yaesu...