railroad antenna

  1. 1977addis

    Railroad radio repeater networks QUESTION

    I have a question regarding listening to train crews from afar. So I’ve been a railfan for years now, I have good commercial/ ham gear to listen and I understand that dispatchers talk to the crews on the rails via Microwave but I’ve always wondered why I can’t hear the train crews from long...
  2. R

    CP Rail new antennas in Cohoes, NY

    I just saw CP Rail installing what looks like UHF antennas ontop of newly placed telephone poles alongside their track in Cohoes NY. As far as I know, they only use VHF and primary is 161.100 for that stretch of track from Watervliet to Mechanicville. Anyone know what these antennas are for ...
  3. A

    Railroad Auction

    New England Railroad would like to invite you to join it's new Auction Site designed specifically and elusively for railroads and railroad items and related material. If you have any old rail cars, tools, equipment, books, magazines, photo’s, or materials you would like to sell we invite you...
  4. C

    Receive BW of Ringo Ranger ARX-2B

    Hi; I am about to put up a Ringo Ranger ARX-2B. Since I am a licensed Amateur, I would like to be able to use this antenna on two meters, as it was designed, but at the same time I want good reception for the railroad band, as I really enjoy listening to trains on CSX River Line from Jersey City...