raleigh pd

  1. RaleighGuy

    Raleigh PD on UHF?

    Recently noticed in the RR FCC grants list that Raleigh PD received a license to use six UHF channels: 453..0375 453.0625 453.1375 458..0375 458.0625 458.1375 stating in the application that RADIOS WILL BE USED RADIO TO RADIO AS TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS Has anyone heard them on these freqs or...
  2. KE4ZNR

    Raleigh PD (Wake County) 460.150Mhz Issues

    Just FYI: The Main UHF Dispatch for Raleigh PD (460.150Mhz aka "Raleigh 1") is having some issues. Apparently the Repeater is operating on Low Power. Meaning that unless you are in the Downtown Raleigh area receiving it will not be easy. The appropriate people in Raleigh PD know about this issue...