random wire

  1. wenzeslaus

    random wire length survey

    I tested 4 lengths of random wire antenna in the house. feet, length x4 (meters), MHz 12, 14.63, 20.5 15, 18.29, 16.40 25, 30.48, 9.84 35.5, 43.28, 6.93 spacing was 2-3" apart. time was 1/2 hour before to 1 hour after sunset, starting with the high frequencies first. results: 20 MHz, no...
  2. K

    Looking for Inexpensive Antenna for AFEDRI SDR-Net Receiver

    Hello all, I am relative new to Monitoring and have only used a Grundig G3 with telescoping antenna in the past. I just received an AFEDRI SDR-net receiver and would like to build an antenna for it. I am somewhat limited in what I can put up, so I've been considering a longwire or random wire...
  3. J

    Antenna Tuner Question

    Does anyone have any good recommendations on a good tuner for random wire antennas on HF band? I am receiving only shortwave broadcasts and wondering if a tuner would give me a decent signal over what I have now. Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks