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    New robertson county analog channel?

    I often monitor the City of White House police frequency on 460.1875 on an old analog radio. For the past few weeks, it seems to have changed to include not only WHPD, but also WHFD and what also seems like Robertson County Sheriff all on the same analog channel. It also has those annoying...
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    Rockdale County Feed

    I noticed the Rockdale live feed is offline. Will there be a live feed up soon? I listened to it on ScanAmerica but can't access it on Radio Reference. thx for any info.
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    Can someone give information on how to locate radio frequencies for the RCSO? I have a Radio Shack Pro 94 scanner. Also, will RCSO scanner feed be online on radoreference websitie; I notice it has been offline for several days! Any help would be appreciated! thx.