1. B

    RDU 4100 (RDX Series)

    Need some information regarding the RDU 4100 on site business radio. Is this a consumer product? Is it compatible with a repeater? Any problems or concerns with the portable? Any other information you can provide would also be very helpful because I cant find a lot of information regarding...
  2. BCasto

    RDU Simulated Aircraft Emergency Exercise

    Viper TG 784 - State Events A1, includes FBI, Tactical Teams, RDU SEU, etc.. Analog TGs
  3. BCasto

    NC National Guard Incident 6/21/2010 - RDU

    Last night I started hearing that someone was at the gate taking pictures and then a few minutes later a trespasser was located. I wasn't able to listen any longer. I am curious if anyone else was able to listen much longer to see what happened?