reaction tuning


    Aor digital upgrade, options and satisfaction

    I just replaced a power board on my AOR 8200 MKIII and to my surprise found out I cant upgrade to digital unless I replace the CPU. The upgrade is 299.00 the CPU exchange add on 85.00 Here is my questions; 1) has anyone upgraded to digital, APCO25, and are you happy with what you now have...
  2. letarotor

    Reaction Tuning Question

    I've tinkered on and off with UniTrunker since its introduction, recently taking another serious look, and I really like the way this program has matured. I've managed to get it running and decoding, but am having trouble getting the program to reaction tune a second scanner. I am using a...
  3. G


    Just purchased a Watson super searcher which as any owner will know comes with a single sheet info sheet very vague. I manage to get it locked on to new freqs but have contected to my 8200 & have slide button on Watson set to AOR but cannot get scanner to reaction tune. Please help !!!
  4. S

    Reaction tuning? Huh?

    Been playing around with the "reaction tune" feature that the ICOM R20 has when paired with the Optoelectronics Scout. It works through the headphone jack, and so far it does fine with the tuning. Whenever the Scout picks up a new freq, the r20 goes right to it. Except something's plugged...