rebanding and firmware

  1. G

    Pro 106 / 197 Rebanding Question

    I would like to know if after updating the firmware to the latest version on these scanners, do you still need to use custom bandplans, or will the scanner automatically set the correct one? I am using Win500 to program from the RR database. Also the main System I am wondering about is the TACN...
  2. jerry092975

    Chester County Pa, EF Johnson Communications

    Sorry the Chester County Police Departments Audio Feed has been down for a good while, The reason being is the county did their Rebanding Project on the EF Johnson radio system and i didn't catch it in time to get the feed radio done, so it is being done right now but my good friend is having a...
  3. R


    Please bear with me as I am new to this: Has anybody else had reoccuring issues with the MSP trunked freq going dark? I executed the firmwhere update and am now able to pick up MA Environmental PD, but MSP is still lacking. I have gone so far as create an entire new profile using the Win500...
  4. G

    Pro-164 Rebanded, Ready for P25 system?

    I am pretty new to all this digital trunking stuff but I was given a Pro-164 and I wanted to pickup the local sheriff dept,which is on P25 system. I realize that the Pro-164 is not digital and is not capable of scanning that type of system, I am almost positive,that i read somewhere, on one of...
  5. S

    OKLAHOMA, TULSA rebanding/trunking issues

    Tulsa Oklahoma/Pro 107: My radio was programmed with the software and radio reference a few years ago. I was able to receive TPD/TFD radio frequencies, conventional and trunking. Special tactical channels etc. Everything. Then I noticed in the past few weeks, it was receiving less, mainly just...
  6. M


    I have a BCD996XT and our local P25 System just Rebanded the Frequencies, I entered all the New Rebanded Frequencies and now the Scanner is Quiet. am I Missing Something Here, all the TGID'S are the Same and the Alpha Tag's.Do I have to upgrade the Firmware in this BCD996XT, I have Firmware...