1. Deziel0495

    Re-broadcasting a private feed

    This question is more towards Lindsay or the live audio admins but feel free to discuss. There are a few live scanner feeds in my area self hosted by numerous people. They do not want or don't know how to broadcast using the Broadcastify platform. With their permission, is it against RR/BCFY...
  2. brian86

    Setting up Trunked Radio To VHF Simulcast

    Ok first off I know that simulcasting would be simple if we used two mobile radios with accessory ports programmed for such however being a volunteer department we are trying to avoid spending $5,000 on a mobile P25 Phase II Radio. We are a volunteer department that is in the process of...
  3. jhwker

    Rebroadcasting on personal site

    Put a live feed on my website rebroadcasting KHP conventional and trunked county safety. Within one day I got a call from one of our local law enforcement officers telling me to shut it down. He said that if I did not have written permission from each agency rebroadcasted that I was looking to...