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    BC125AT: Battery Level effecting Receiving?

    (My model is the European BC125AT, the UBC125XLT) Does battery level effect the range that my scanner is receiving, or am I going crazy? I notice that (2.85V being fully charged) when my scanner reaches ~2.4V and lower, I start to get lower receiving range, less talking, etc. Is that...
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    Pro 97 scanning not receiving

    Hello, I just bought a used Pro 97 fairly cheap with hopes that it may be an easy fix. The scanner turns on and other wise functions fine however it does not stop on any frequencies. I thought that this may just be due to the antenna connector becoming loose from the board. Any ideas? I was...
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    Vertex VX-454 VHF Receive beginning of recieved audio is cut off.

    Hello all, I'm having a problem with the radio. It seems that first second or so of a received signal is getting cut off. It happened when the radio is in both scanning and not scanning. I've tried the power saving functions both on and off with no success. Just wondering if anyone has some...
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    Motorola HT1000 receive problem...HELP

    Hello! Ok, so i bought a used ht1000 and it has an issue. I had the first 8 channels programmed to gmrs and the other 8 programmed to local police frequencies to scan. Well, whenever the radio is receiving conversation there is an annoying clicking noise that occurs whenever the red led light on...