1. S

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 charge light blinks red w/ new larger battery (again)

    As posted in the prior thread (that was closed) I am also experiencing the red charge light begins to blink after hours into charging with the new larger battery. I've only recharged a couple of times overnight after fairly deep discharges. Have found the flashing red charge light the next...
  2. J

    Programming control site frequency?

    WHen you program the control sites frequencies, do you program them in order that this website has them? Or by color? I watched a video and he said I should put the controll frequencies first red and blue. then put the other ones in. But can’t find anything to support that.
  3. D

    Pro-96: Replace Red Screw

    Hi I have been having issues with my pro 96. It first started with not receiving signal. I took my scanner apart and seen that the antenna came unsoldered so I resolder it back together. I still didn't get signal so I started messing with the red screw. turned it on and it started receiving...
  4. S

    "RED" frequency?

    I'm brand new at listening to scanners and I could use a little help. I have a uniden bc75xlt, it's not much but it works. I'm a freelance photographer for several newspapers and I like to get all the info i can whether it be a fire, car accident or whatever. i'd like a few tips if someone...
  5. w2lie

    Red Bull Air Race this weekend

    Does anyone know if the pilots or ground use any set frequencies for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend in Lower NYC NJ Area? I would assume they would use the common Aviation talk freqs (123.45 etc) but I am unsure.. I am asking because I would like to setup the traffic on my "Special" live...