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    Motorola GP380/HT1250 Blue Casing

    Anybody know where I could get a blue GP380/HT1250 in close to new condition or a blue casing/refurb kit for one? (At a reasonable price Ex: under $300) As seen on page 4 of this document, Blue Radio Shown in This PDF Doc Example of yellow refurb kit: 200479923151 Oh, PS: Is there any other...
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    Trusted Resources for Used EDACS equipment?

    Other than FMR Inc (which does not have our radio model in stock) does anyone know of a trusted place to get used or refurb'd P7100's model numbers: HT7150S81X, or: MAHT-S81NX or even p5100's in the 800mhz band? Batteries and chargers are not really needed since we have those coming out of our...