1. BlueDevil

    Relm/Bendix King Forum

    Hello, would it be possible to establish a Relm/Bendix King Forum as apart of the Commercial, Professional Radio and Personal Radio category?
  2. I

    Relm / Bendix King BK Forum

    A few years ago when i was looking at getting a Relm / BK KNG2-P800 i could have sworn i saw a sub forum for Relm or BK. Was there a sub forum for them? I have a KNG2 radio and wanted to post some info about firmware updates and bug i found and wanted to ask other KNG2 owners if they had a...
  3. BlueDevil

    Relm RPV3600A-Plus

    I recently purchased a Relm RPV3600A-Plus in great condition. The radio seemed to work fine. However I was only able to program the radio using the Relm RPV3600A software. This radio requires it's own software. Upon purchasing the correct software I was unable to read and/or write the radio. I...
  4. C

    Looking for feedback to decide between 3 VHF radios.

    Hi, I'm new to posting here, but have been reading through numerous posts, gleaning all kinds of information. I am trying to decide between 3 VHF transceivers: Kenwood TK-7180 (likely the H model which is 50w), Icom IC-F5061 or Relm RM800A. I currently use the TK-7180K at work and love...
  5. B

    Relm RMV50 remote head

    Does anyone know where I can buy a remote head kit for a Relm RMV50 mobile radio. Or how to possibly make it myself?
  6. Mtnrider

    Relm RMV Rear 15 pin jack

    Anyone have a clue what pins on the rear of a Relm RMV will do. Maybe a diagram? Looking to hook up a remote to one. Thanks
  7. mgolden2

    Relm PR7500

    Saw some of these for sale on Craigslist and tracked them to a pawn shop in south Kansas City. The craigslist ad just has a stock photo of the radio, not the actual one(s) for sale. Anyway, I looked up their website (RELM Wireless Corporation) and the VHF version looks like it can be used in...
  8. M

    Relm RPV599A plus programmer issue

    I program radios for my vol. fire dept. I have 3 different models of portables to work with right now. All 3 support two tone paging which is what I need. I have programmed the RPV16 with no problem and the HYT TC-780 with no problem. But the pesky RPV599a plus just does not want to finish...
  9. B

    RELM RPV 599A Two Tone Signal Problems

    I'm having trouble getting the TTS function of the radio to go off when we are paged out. I have it set up on Channel 1: Rx 155.880 Tx 154.815 TTS is set to ON TTS rx code is set to 1 (Edited with software) Tone A = 484 Tone B = 331 The actual tone is 483.5 and 330.5 but the radio doesn't...