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  1. 7

    Can you remotely change channels with FleetSync on TK-8180

    I am not very experienced with radios but I have been tasked with upgrading our Agency to a DMR digital system. We operate on a shared frequency with multiple agencies that are not currently upgrading their systems. Our agency will go fully digital but we will cross patch at a repeater site from...
  2. towerboy

    New to scanners, looking for specific features

    Hello, I come from an amateur radio background and have never had an actual scanner. I am looking for something that has the following capabilities. 1: Outputs alpha tags 2: P25 3: PC controllable with display GUI Does something like this exist? I am mainly interested in the VHF band.
  3. curtisdevault

    Remote base question

    I am researching ways to do remote base functionality with a Motorola CDM1550. This is for a SAR application. We have two towns we’d like to establish radio comms with from the first There is no line of sight so remote base or RoIP are what I think the options are Ideally we’d like two control...
  4. E

    FleetSync J Commands to PC remote control TK7180H

    Hi everyone! I am trying to drive commands from the PC to a TK7180H radio through the rear DB-25 port in the mobile. I plugged the no 2 pin shown as RXD1 in the pinout drawing of the service manual to a serial interface TXD in the DB9 Serial port pin, the no 3 pin shown as TXD1 into the RXD pin...
  5. N

    SDR Dongle Remote Button Thinggy

    Hi, Just joined your Forum. Lot's of great stuff here for sure. I just bought two NooElec dongles with the ant kit with remote. Got them working as a trunking receiver and they work great.. and also as a airliner position tracker. Real neat! but... What can or could I do with the little...
  6. visegrip72

    win500 Client for Android - Listen anywhere!

    Just released! For all of you with win500 and a compatible scanner, there is now an Android client for win500! Hook up your scanner to win500 with the data cable and an audio patch cable and you can listen to and control your scanner in the other room or anywhere you have internet access...
  7. 0

    is there a demand for a mobile casting app?

    I have been considering jamming out code for such an app because my own searches for anything like it lead nowhere. Unless I'm searching with wrong terms? Certainly, I have Some expectations for what I want but it seems as though it hasn't been done yet. This app should (on a...
  8. lep

    785D in remote operation

    My 785D will will no longer go into :"remote" although all other functions seem normal. I can no longer get it to communicate with ARC250 Pro to modify the present programming to ujpdate alpha tags and do other housekeeping functions. I do recall that some months ago the last time I placed this...
  9. I

    UnidenCommander for UBC785XLT

    Double posted message, please ignore this thread.