1. C

    Scanning local EMS agency issues (Analog)

    Does anyone else have any issues scanning REMSA who uses analog still. Seems like no matter what radio I use they just come in with static. Is there something with analog systems where the more radios receiving the signal the more static it becomes?
  2. M

    Uniden HP1 Home Patrol in Cold Springs

    Is anyone living in Cold Springs (last exit before CA north of Reno) monitoring with a Uniden Home Patrol HP-1. How does it work out here? Also, what do you listen to? Thank you for your time.
  3. KF7RAY

    Brush fire Pleasant/Washoe Valleys w/ evacs...

    Large aggressive brush fire in Pleasant/Washoe Valleys using pretty much all fire Freq/TG's...even evacuating Pleasant Valley school.
  4. S

    New kid in town... Battle Mountain Nevada (edacs) updates

    I just bought a house in battle mountain, and finally I have the space for my hobbies, ONE is of course Radio... I will be Updating all information I find outdated or incorrect on radioreferance I will be accepting feedback from radioreferance users... I will cover everything 25 miles north...
  5. NFR85

    Reno/Sparks Police Freq

    I looked everyone and came up empty. Does anyone have a listing of Reno/Sparks Freqs? Thanks a bunch!
  6. tcomm_specialist

    Reno Fire Talkgroup Question

    Spending a long weekend in Reno...why does Reno Fire dispatch first on "Tac-4" and the repeat on was my understanding that Red was their main ops to listen to the multi-alarm fire on riday night...