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    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending After 14 Years

    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending. Thanks for doing it for everyone for the past 14 years. Scanner Community Announcement... http://fccgrants.x10host.com/quick.htm P.S Maybe someone that knows how to do it can take it over?
  2. W

    System Wide Reports - TETRA

    Is there any reason why "TETRA" is not an option for the nationwide trunked system reports? I could be doing something wrong, but I curious to see all the TETRA systems in use in the United States and there was no easy way to do it. Thanks in advance!
  3. R

    Asking airports for QSL cards

    I know that some of the VOLMET channels (aviation weather) will send out a QSL but how about ATC chatter? I have been able to catch some local ATIS broadcasts from nearby airports but wasn't to sure about ATC communications.
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    Just started QSLing

    Hi, I think I have figured out how to work my 996xt but I was wondering, does anyone know if police/fire/ems dispatch, rail or marine and airports will send out QSL cards?