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    Requesting a recent recording from Miami Dade

    Hi my subscription with RR JUST expired and I can't currently renew it but if anyone could please help by getting this piece of audio... It's from Tuesday Jan 17th in Miami. 3pm - 4pm I'm looking for the audio from the arrest of Dominic Puopolo who was arrested for threatening to assassinate...
  2. K

    Gurnee, IL Police Request

    I would like to make a request that someone set up a scanner for Gurnee, IL. This is a pretty big town now-a-days, especially with all the action at Gurnee Mills and Great America. I would really like to monitor Gurnee PD at night. I work 3rd shift and I often see them cruising down Hunt Club...
  3. B

    Best frequencies in Astoria, Queens area?

    Hello, all. Years ago, I was a (very) casual hobbyist, but I haven't picked up a scanner since high school. On a whim, I just purchased a PRO-164 on Monday. I thought it would be an especially neat time, with the blizzard in the area and all. I'm admittedly pretty much a newbie, and I'm just...