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    TM-V71A REV Doesn't Work

    I'm a new ham and just brought a TM-V71A. Seems to be working great but now, when I push the REV button, nothing happens-- An "R" doesn't appear on the active radio and the receive frequency doesn't change. Maybe I've changed a setting that is causing this not to work, but I don't have a...
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    FDNY Repeaters in Reverse

    Okay Radio Folks, Help me out here. Handheld Tactical Radio Channels 11 IN-BLDG RPTR 12 MOBILE RPTR 13 SUBW RPTR F1 14 SUBW RPTR F2 Can operate in the REVERSE mode. (see attached Picture) To quote the FDNY Operational Reference Book "9th Edition" that just came out...