1. Z

    Programming Motorola P1821AX Repeater.

    Hope everyone is doing well. since the covid, I have been trying to get a repeater I have to program. I have been thru a long list of things, I have a Motorola P1821AX. I have a older dell which I have already installed FREEDOS on it, and when I try to read the radio RSS Version R06.00.05...
  2. A

    RIB's keep dying

    Hello everyone. First post here, and I hope I'm in the right place. I have acquired a bunch of 110w VHF W7 Astro Spectras. I have had the same aftermarket RIB and cables for years, never a problem. I had regular Spectras and MT1000s before the astros. Never had an issue. Once I obtained these...
  3. T

    To RIB or Not to RIB

    What is the difference/Positives vs. Negatives of using a programming cable that connects from a radio to a rib to a serial port vs radio direct to serial port?
  4. D

    HT1250 Programming Issue

    I was having quite a few difficulties using the Motorola supplied RIB box communicating through a serial USB adapter. I've had success with this set up once... just once. I confirmed the proper Port was being used. I also changed the port both through the computer and the CPS to ensure there...
  5. R

    ASTRO Spectra Radio Comm Failure

    When attempting to read a Motorola Astro Spectra with Motorola RIB and CPS version 5.0, I am having trouble part way through the device read and get a Communication failure with radio. The read device process starts fine and I get the typical response on the control head "1 CSQ" and the...
  6. linkinpark9812

    Motorola Spectra Programming Trouble

    Ok, this is somewhat of an odd problem, but I will do my best to explain it. While reading this, keep in mind that I WAS able to program this Radio several times before, with the same equipment and cables and same setup. I have a High powered Spectra with an A9 Head. One day I wanted to...
  7. M

    Programming Issues with the STX

    I was programming them for a while, then my board went up. Got my hands on an old 100mhz, RSS shows the error saying that the radio and rib need to be on for it to work when its off, but when the rib is on i get the bus collision error, i have done everything i can think of from changing the...