richland county

  1. I

    Advice on scanners for monitoring Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have some questions about a new scanner. I would be grateful for recommendations on what would work best for us. Most of our time is spent in the following counties - Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties. My primary interests are, Sheriff, Police...
  2. L

    Home Patrol 2 help in Richland County

    I just got a HP2 and I am not picking much up especially the Richland County Fire. Anyone in Columbus have a HP2 that can assist? Thanks
  3. cifn2

    Carle Ambulance Richland Co

    I've only caught pieces and am unsure on logistics involved. Richland Co EMS is now under Carle Hospital. I believe Richland Co dispatches them. They are using a starcom talkgroup and relaying they are en route to such and such location on it. I do not know if this talkgroup is Arrow...
  4. S

    Lexington/Richland P25 questions

    Proud (but dazed) new owner of BCD436HP. Longtime scanner enthusiast, have owned mobile and base, all Uniden, and am IT-advanced, but this baby is a radical change. I was hoping one of the many experts on here who are in my area can give me some tips, pointers, etc to maximize what comes through...
  5. leogetz92

    Richland County Fire TAC

    fire dept is use a new tac ch now it is 155.620 pl 107.2